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Bermula Januari 2012, anwarjauhari telah menjadikan blog sebagai laman utama.

Justeru, laman anwaruitm ini hanya akan digunakan bagi memuatkan entri tahap tinggi yang tidak sesuai dimuatkan di dalam blog cikguhairul.

Walaupun begitu, setiap komen dan maklumbalas (borang freedback) yang pengunjung tinggalkan tetap saya berikan perhatian.InsyaAllah.

Saturday, April 12, 2008 is the only Islamic portal site that gives you the facility to upload and share your videos and audios where it is easily downloadable by members and humbly invites you to share in creating a positive environment for people everywhere to connect and share.Now you can register and become part of Alwahy but registering to our Email Service, Entertainment Service, Messenger Service, and by using our search Engine Service.Alwahy proudly launched this site at the beginning of Ramadan 2007 and has been successfully running by your support and du'a.

All praise be to Allah, that today we are witnessing this revival of Islam in the hearts and lives of millions of Muslims, from the west coast of the United States to as far field as the islands of Indonesia, who have been delivered from darkness of their slumber to the light.As the Ummah as a whole was responsible for the deplorable level that they had reached, similarly, it requires the effort and sacrifice on the part of every Muslim to return themselves to their former glory. This web site is a small effort and a humble contribution on our part towards the global revival of Islam. From the aims of this website are:

  • To instil the true and comprehensive meaning of Tawheed in the hearts of Muslims and highlight its practical implications in their lives.
  • To provide authentic knowledge and guidance with regards to everyday duties Muslims offer to Allah, such as Salaah, Zakaah, Sawm, Hajj, Dawah etc.
  • To bring the Muslims closer to the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW and his companions as well as purifying their acts of worship from all forms of innovation.
  • To revive the abandoned and forgotten obligations without which the victory to the Ummah remains impossible.
  • To face the ideological onslaught waged on the Muslims by exposing the doctrines of deviancy and disbelief, such as secularism, socialism, democracy and nationalism.
  • To help Muslims develop themselves spiritualy and make them eager to reach the level of Ihsaan.

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"usaha yang kecil tidak bermakna tidak berguna, usaha yang mega tidak bermakna sempurna"

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