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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hairul Anuar Bin Sobikin

Personal Development Journal 2

The Guidance and Counseling Unit in school.

Malaysia is driven to be a developed nation by 2020. The ‘vision 2020’ which inspired by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is responsible to bring Malaysia as we can see today. In order to be developed, and to change into a developed country, many problems and challenges need to be overcome. One of the effects of the rapid changing to Malaysia is the psychological problems, and one of them is stress. Malaysian has to overcome stress in their daily routine.

Stress not only a problem among Malaysian adult, but it is also a problem to school student. Stress among student is a result of the conflict between student, teacher and parents. Parent expects their children to be an excellent student, same as the teacher. But the student itself cannot full fill the parent and teacher expectation. The reaction of the student towards stress is different and cannot be thread as same for each individual, especially with the adult. The various reactions including not interested in learning, run from home, become a drug addict, and involve in juvenile crime. Everyone realize that someone is needed to overcome the stress problem in school level, and everyone knows that the people who able to take hold of this problem are counselor.

Counseling services was introduced in Malaysia in early 1963; begin with a formal certificate-level course at Maktab Perguruan Ilmu Khas (MPIK) Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and subsequently at first degree level by Agricultural University of Malaysia in 1981 while Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia began to offer a course in psychology (counseling) at diploma level in 1980. The counseling services are developing rapidly until now. Counseling services incorporated into school system in 1966. In the beginning the Education Ministry organized training and seminars for career guidance teachers in the form of vocational training. Guidance Services in School published by DBP in 1966 became the guidebook for career guidance teachers in schools.

The role of counseling unit in school is really important. The roles of counselor in each school are based on academic, career and psychosocial. The three major aspects are the quality of guidance unit in school was improved from time to time until now.

Introduction to Guidance and Counseling.

After fourteen week studying Introduction to counseling as a compulsory subject for education student, the entire classes full fill the course outcome. Now, I am able to identify the fundamental concepts relating to helping and counseling skills through knowledge and counseling activities. This course also clearly explains the basic counseling technique that being used. Now I can apply basic counseling technique in daily relationship with my peers. Through the presentation by groups, I can analyze the professional issues such as gender confusion, homosexual, hysteria, incest, obsessive behavior and sexual harassment.

After completing this courses, I realize that each counselor have their code of ethics. The ethics is compulsory and one of the characteristic of professional counselor. Now I realize that there are six basic features to enable counselor to classified as professional. Counselor need to undergo training, certificate, have their own role, has their own procedures and discipline, and counselor is generally considered as terminal occupation.

Learning about counseling in only one semester (14 weeks) is not enough to me. Since this course is merely introduction to counseling, I realize that the individual effort is needed in order to get more knowledge about counseling. The knowledge about counseling is important and compulsory to equip me as a future educator.


Ramlan Hamzah,2006. Panduan Ulamgkaji Bimbingan dan Kaunseling untuk prasarjana muda dan KPLI
Professionalism in counseling retrieved from on march 30,2009.
Hj Thanthawi Jauhari Hj Ahmad Lecture note, Introduction to Guidance and counseling, Faculty of Education, UiTM Malaysia.

sekali tengok macam kelam kabut je personal development journal ni....
kena tengok banyak kali lagi....
p/s: assignment kaunseling 2009

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