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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Report on views and perception on the Bachelor in Science Education (Biology) Program ED227

Report on views and perception on the Bachelor in Science Education (Biology) Program ED227

Prepared for:

Dr Beh Kian Lim

Head of Sc. Education Program

Prepared By:

Hairul Anuar Bin Sobikin (2006825903 –ED227U8A)

An interview on the “View and Perception on the Science Education Programme” was conducted on 12 January 2010 by two external invigilators. There are three main question asked by the interviewer:

1. Do you have confident to be a teacher?

2. Besides being a teacher, does this course allow you to expand your carrier?

3. Do you have any suggestion for this course?

Do you have confident to be a teacher?

In this simple report, behalf of ED227 class, I will answer the question briefly. The first question is a subjective question. Since we do not have measurement for measure the confident level, most of us answer, “Yes, we are confident!” .The answer comer from the science content, skills of teaching and other extra skills. For the science content, the confident comes from the subjects that have been taught to us from the first semester until the end. We get the extra and very deep input of knowledge especially in biology, chemistry and mathematic subject. We are learning “high level “science, same as the Applied Science student and very detail compared with school syllabus. This is a benefit to us because the science and technology is always expanding and teaching and learning in school is not only completing the syllabus in the textbook, but to educate the student about the latest emerging phenomenon in science and technology. Most of us feel that we have the confident in term of mastering the content in science.

Besides mastering the content, we also being taught the EDU subject which are specially designed to produce the highly skilled teacher. Through the various EDU subject, we are now have high confident to be placed at school. Learning 15 EDU subjects really prepared us to be a knowledgeable and skillful teacher. We got the balanced exposure to the theoretical and practical aspect. This makes us to feel we are better from the KPLI/DPLI, and GSTT teacher.

The third language subject, co curriculum subject, module LPPKP, sports, and other extra activity provided by the faculty really help us and increase our confident level to be a teacher. We are really appreciating these various skills provided to us by the faculty because we realized that all of these skills are needed in the school. During our practical training, most of us “have to” conduct the co curriculum, manage a function, manage the club, etc. we realized that the faculty had given us the skills in extra activities and this for sure make us more confident to be placed at school.

Besides being a teacher, does this course allow you to expand your carrier?

People may see the teacher profession as a closed profession, just be an ordinary teacher and limited opportunity to be promoted to higher ranking because there are limited place. However, the reality is, teacher can get higher ranking by being the “excellent teacher”. This alternative is better than if every teacher aiming to be a principle.

If the graduate from ED227 did not get a place in the government school due to political problem between KPM and KPT, we have to survive in other field. Set up any kind of business, be a tuition tutor, be a consultant for academic camp and motivation camp, be a writer or editor for academic writing, be a consultant for co curriculum bodies in school, be part of the privet school, be a tutor in college and etc. The EDU subject taught in this course really help us to begin the journey of the new carrier.

Some of us prefer to continue their studies in higher level to get their master and after that proceed to the PHD level. Some being interested to be a researcher after realizing that there are too many interesting research opportunity in education especially about the education policies in Malaysia, technology in education, psychology in education and etc.

Although the subject in ED227 are specially designed for the student to be a teacher and not cannot expand to other field of carrier, but the extra co curriculum really help us to be independent and creative to not only get other job, but also create other job opportunity. As the example, the LPPKP module, which is a compulsory for every student, had taught the student on how to be an entrepreneur. The events conducted in the faculty sometimes give the opportunity to the student to get fresh exposure to the entrepreneurship field. Students who involved in the event management in the faculty will able to be an event consultant.

Do you have any suggestion for this course?

We have several suggestions for this ED227 course. First, we suggest that the period for practical training should be add to make sure the student can get more exposure on the reality of being a teacher. It may be done in two ways, make the three month practical to 5 or 6 month or make the practical training twice in the study plan. Practical training can be done during semester break without affecting the other subject.

We also suggest that faculty of education should have their own science, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics lecturer. This will be better because the lecturer will explain not only the theoretical aspect about the topic, but also the ‘how to deliver’ the topic in the school. We will focus on the misconception that may occur among the student, the creative and alternative way to teach the topic, and how to conduct the laboratory session.

Most of us have problem in conducting the practical class during practical training. This is because we do not get enough exposure on how to conduct the laboratory classes. We suggest the faculty to add another subject on ‘laboratory management’. Managing the lab session is totally different from the ‘classroom management’. Teacher must aware on the safety, skill, technique and mastering all the apparatus being used in the lab. Teacher also must be trained to handle difficulties such explosion, chemical leakage etc. Although we had been taught Laboratory Safety, but the subject focus on the industrial Laboratory safety, and not on the teaching and learning in school based.

After doing practical training, we realized that the co curriculum, extra activities and soft skills are really needed in order to be a good teacher. Being a teacher is not only teaching in class and mark the exam paper, but also have to manage activities, function, carnivals, fund raising, cultural activities, religious activity, sports etc. We suggest the faculty to encourage the student to be more active in extra activities in order to prepare the pre service with the school activities.

Besides preparing the students with the reality in school, faculty should also encourage the students with the current issues especially in about education, economy and politic in Malaysia. This is because the education is an important and compulsory ‘first step’ for young generation to know about the world. Teacher should able to analyze and educate the student with the current issues.


We are almost to complete our four year courses in ED227. We really thank to faculty for the good facilities, excellent lecturer and committed staff provided to us. We have confident to be a great teacher and ready to serve to the nation. Being a teacher is our first choice carrier and if there were no places for us, our carrier is just in line with education based carrier. We cannot being a scientist although we are science student.
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