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Thursday, February 04, 2010

From a Teacher to a Parent: Your Kids are talking about you on Facebook!

Written by Yes I'm a Teacher! And I'm Proud to be One!

Thursday, 04 February 2010 08:41
In response to Angry Parents, let me share a story whereby most of my pupils and former pupils and students have added me as their friends on Facebook. I am proud of that. That is one beautiful thing being a teacher.

The kids remember you whether they've been good kids or playful ones. That shows that they were never being neglected in school. Now, back to my story. During this time being friends and updating status in the Facebook and comment from time to time, I am very much aware that some of the pupils had updated their status stating and expressing their feelings and emotions through it. They even swear a lot using bad words, rude statements and believe it or not, they were talking about their parents!!

As a facebook friend, I must listen to them, hear their burst of anger, sadness, frustration and boredom and read their status to make sure they are still on track where adults can reach out and bring them back to the safe track. As a teacher, I am obliged to advice them to understand why parents do that, act like that and how the children should behave and understand that it is mostly not their parents' fault. Besides that, as a teacher, we try to bring them in to a conversation after reading their thoughts from their status, we are even able to give them a lot to think in making the right and wise decision. Hence, why do you have to insult and reject that particular fact and the reality of teacher facebooking with their students?

Yes, I definitely don't agree teachers logging on Facebook during the lessons. However, I have never encountered an irresponsible teacher who is doing so as your ridiculous, unprofessional, invalid but un-proven accusations. Teachers are not robots. They are still human with certain capacity of working mind. They need time and some space in their tired-mind to settle down before the next lesson. Accept the fact.

Teachers have been so committed to their work compared to others who I need not mention as they went out during working hours just to have their tea-break outside in a restaurant in the town or doing other things besides hanging out in other people's offices. Can teachers do that? Like during break-time? Of course not!

Have you ever wondered that a teacher who is also a mother may be worried like other parents do and yet they are able to send food to their preschool children or kids except the teacher, who is a mother herself? So please, remember this, 'Not Guilty Until Proven' and please don't find other people's mistakes. If you can check your own children facebook accounts, you might be very surprised to find how much you need to know and find your own mistakes there.

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