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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sharpen You Brain (adapted from Reader’s Digest January 2008 )

Sharpen You Brain (adapted from Reader’s Digest January 2008 )

Improve your memory
Boost your spatial awareness
Crunch more numbers
Widen your word power
Improve you memory

Learn by heart a “to do” list of 10 or more jobs for the day that incorporates a route – it could be your stroll to the cafe, say, or the walk to your first class – and try to mentally link each job with one location: buying a newspaper at the shops, dropping off a housemate to class, calling home outside the café, etc.
Then ask yourself the following questions:
What task follows buying the newspaper?
What job precedes phoning home?
The second job on the list is?
Where on the list is sending your housemate?
The next day, come up with a new list and increase the number of items to 20 or so.

Boost your spatial awareness
Navigate your way around the house blindfold (best not done alone!). Then sit in a chair and mentally walk round your house, visualising your every move. Or put 12 objects on a tray, memorise their location, then get someone to move a few about. Guess which have moved.

Crunch more numbers
Do these exercises every day: add up in your shopping in the queue before you pay; divide up bills when they come in; estimate quantities of things you pass, such as people in a group or trees in a garden. Keeping your mind nimble and always on the move with numerical teasers will improve your mathematical sharpness.

Widen your word power
Go for as many of these as possible; learn a new word every day and use it often; make up anagrams of words. These will improve your understanding of the true meaning of words.

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Anwar, sorry..there was a small typo from my blog there...

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